IT Solutions for Wellness

Capturing and integrating data from ANYWHERE!

 Including clinical, claims, structured, and unstructured.


Incorporating the award winning consent to share C2S solution 

Providing the best privatize options in the world

Built on worldwide standards


Friendly Drag and Drop Spectrum Technology

Built with the end user in mind


Vendor-Neutral Platform 

Incorporates without disrupting current workflow

Operating in the background within native systems


Along with our partners Electronic Health Network INC & Pitney Bowes we offer a solution.

Defined as a health information exchange platform, interoperability solution, system integrator, population health management tool, & enterprise master patient index.


We can

  • Exchange, Clean and Organize the Data
  • Transition and Coordinate Care
  • Develop Interventions
  • Manage Consent
  • Standardize, Normalize, Validate & Apply Location Intelligence
  • Analyze the Incoming Data in Real-Time and Batch


We help

  • Hospitals
  • Accountable Care Organizations - ACOs
  • Public Health Departments
  • Payers
  • Fire Departments & Law Enforcement
  • Schools
  • Health Information Exchanges
  • Medicaid (MMIS)