Grant opportunity to help improve outcomes for Healthcare

If you are a health organization that needs financial assistance for developing a state-of-the-art care plan for patients, read on!

An opportunity is available for forward-thinking enterprises that desire to help solve the chronic health conditions of today.

With our technology and grant funding from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ), we can build an innovative platform for patients and health professionals. By implementing advanced solutions, we develop care planning that improves patient outcomes. Our ability to capture, standardize, normalize, and validate structured and unstructured data, can help provide the contextual information needed for patient wellness.

With an effective care plan that integrates patient information such as environmental conditions, socioeconomic status, gender, community characteristics, health literacy level, and other patient information that may impact healing, we can help in ways never seen before.

The need to implement technology within existing systems is vital to creating the best care plan. 

The most important aspect that AHRQ wants to see for obtaining funding support from them is how the contextual information plays a role in helping to improve outcomes. 

AHRQ is specifically interested in patients dealing with Multiple Chronic Conditions (MCC). These types of conditions are affecting more than one in four Americans. The elderly population has a higher rate of two out three. We need care coordination plans that address a patient's entire day-to-day activity, including an individual's behavioral, physical, and other contextual information. 

Once obtained, the data can provide necessary analytics to develop care plans that incorporate new health care solutions. Insights will provide the continuous power to look beyond just what happens to a patient while visiting the physician. We will have a holistic view into what is affecting a patient. Thier location, lifestyle, ethnicity, career, daily flow, and more will help guide successful outcomes.

Multiple Chronic Conditions (MCC) is responsible for 66% of Americas health care costs. 

Health Care Costs

Conducting research and using the contextual information to aid in solving MCC is the intention behind this grant opportunity.

AHRQ wants the entire process to be a multi-year study. They are interested in increasing the understanding of how optimized care can help the multiple chronic conditions that plague so many people.

At Rural Health IT Corporation (RHITC) we have a long history in obtaining grants for some groundbreaking projects. Our relationship with AHRQ has helped us provide solutions for numerous healthcare organizations. In 2004, we created one of the first multi-state Health Information Exchange Systems. Our solutions incorporate without disrupting current workflows. Integrating data from anywhere, we coordinate improved patient care plans.

It is time to capitalize on the opportunities sitting and waiting.

The underutilized data is vital for improving care coordination. First, we identify what information to collect then we gather it. The last component and the focus of the AHRQ grant is researching the results achieved in practice.

Not only do we have the technology but we specialize in the grant writing and submission process. To date, we have secured over 20 million dollars for our clients. If you are interested in discussing the possibilities of using this grant for a solution you need, contact us.


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