We care about the interoperability of healthcare

The wellness of one another depends on the interconnectedness of health data.

Everything we do is about the mission of making healthcare data fully utilizable.

We improve quality outcomes & lower costs for physicians, patients, payors & hospitals.


From the beginning, Rural Health IT Corporation (RHITC) has been a trendsetter. In 2004, RHITC created one of the first multi-state Health Information Exchange Systems. It involved seamless communication between Mt. Ascutney Hospital (Windsor, VT), Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center (Lebanon, NH), & Valley Radiology (Claremont, NH).

Our foundation is rooted funding health information exchanges and electronic medical records projects through writing and managing award-winning HIE/EMR grants. Our funding solutions have included grant identification, development, writing, government affairs support, and full evaluation metrics.

Here is a short list of important things we do; 

  • Saving millions of dollars
  • Using information technology to help the poor & underserved communities
  • Capturing information from multiple data stores within and beyond the primary organization
  • Integrating unstructured data from physician notes & outside sources 
  • Associating data from the same patient across the entire enterprise
  • Spotting risks, gaps-in-care, & analyzing data sets
  • Pinpointing reasons for patient outcomes
  • Improving patient single view in real time 24/7
  • Providing usable, friendly UI/UX access to all of a patient’s records relevant to PHI


We love gathering the unstructured & structured medical data that currently sits underutilized.

Inside the BIG DATA is the secret to a broad array of analytics. The collected information gives insights to how well a hospital performs versus another. We gain perspective into what particular environments are more likely to cause health conditions. Ultimately our solutions show 'what is working' and 'what is not.' On a corporate financial level and the personal wellness of one another, we see positive effects.

Along with our team of partners Pitney Bowes and Electronic Health Network Incorporated (EHN) we are bringing the BIG DATA solutions to healthcare.

We began with the intention of helping the underserved

Our vision always falls back to how we can help everybody not just the financially privileged. A foundation rooted in the underserved led us to develop solutions that help everyone. For it is imperative that the whole of our population be able to gain from the valuable data that currently sits underutilized. We need to be connected, and the only way for that to truly happen is by across the board interoperability. We need to capture our experiences and have this information available for both analytic study and performance improvement. For the wellness of humanity depends on this.

Our applications spawn the wellness of our community by bridging the communication gap between disparate systems.