We Solve The Questions 

How do we gain access to the healthcare data without disrupting current workflows?

Why have Population Health efforts been slow to deliver usable results?

Is there a way to capture and analyze data from a variety of independent sources?


Along with our partners Electronic Health Network INC & Pitney Bowes we offer a solution that’s a vendor-neutral platform. It integrates across the board by operating in the background. This in turn allows you to work in native systems.

Defined as a health information exchange, interoperability solution, system integrator, population health management tool, & enterprise master patient index.


We can

  • Exchange, Clean and Organize the Data
  • Transition and Coordinate Care
  • Develop Interventions
  • Manage Consent
  • Standardize, Normalize, & Apply Location Intelligence
  • Analyze the Incoming Data in Real-Time and Batch


We help

  • Hospitals
  • Accountable Care Organizations - ACO
  • Public Health Departments
  • Payor’s
  • Health Information Exchanges
  • Medicaid (MMIS)

Wellness Technology for Physicians, Patients, Payors & Hospitals.