Why should you care about INTERoperability? 

Because it's making you healthier!



#1 By capturing, cleaning, and organizing data, BIG DATA, from hospitals, labs, primary care centers, and payors.  

#2 By analyzing the data we can reduce hospital readmission, identify & manage risk, improve workflow integration/efficiency, and compare healthcare facilities performances.

#3 By using the data for population healthcare management we can help understand what is best for you, because the health & wellness of the individual is contained within the collective data of the whole!

Learn how capturing & analyzing the collective data of the whole is helping your future health


Rural Health IT Corporation, Electronic Health Network INC, & Pitney Bowes have partnered to create a dynamic software that provides TRUE INTEROPERABILITY amongst disparate systems, ensuring data cleansing quality.

Using the exclusive Drag & Drop Spectrum Technology, we can save valuable time and money.

Doctors & hospitals will understand how they are performing by evaluating comparison data. This is important because the revenue model for healthcare providers is changing quickly. Insurers, as well as Medicare and Medicaid, are increasingly going to tie the amount they pay to the quality and efficiency of the healthcare services those systems provide to patients.

The Spectrum software solution can also be vital to assisting home healthcare. By total data integration, patients and caregivers can be managing chronic conditions from home in the best way possible. The success for device monitoring, alerts, and following protocols are all increased when patient compliance is being met. 

Total INTERoperability is the key for NOT just the patient in the hospital BUT also for the patient who is left to manage themselves from home. Often patients are re-admitted due to communication breakdowns.

The key to remote care management lies in the ability to encourage behavioral changes. In many case, a patient needs simple forms of health psychology, behavioral therapy, and persuasion to help in managing health conditions. With total INTERoperability, quality of life can be increased for both the immediate patient and the overall future populace health.

This software solution integrates structured & unstructured data with legacy systems and can convert DOS. The location intelligence of Spectrum provides the ability to analyze large data but organize it down to the individual's physical location.

At Rural Health IT Corporation we stay with you every step of the way, from securing funding to implementation & training. 

Wellness Technology for Physicians, Patients, Payors & Hospitals.